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Glass of Fashion and Style: The World She Knew,
the second in a series of three books, is devoted to recognition of the role women have played in establishing consumer tastes according to their life style-from the White House, to concert halls and the theatre to the farm, as immigrant maids or great ladies.
Leaders whose achievements were recognized in glass tributes as they led the way to happier, more beautiful and sensible living included Jenny Lind who gave early Americans a gift of song and a new hair style, Frances Folsom Cleveland who used her White House position to reform women's clothing, Carrie Nation who fought the major cause of domestic violence, Nelly Bly who opened a career path for women in journalism and the Gibson Girl who gave everyone else an inferiority complex.
Among the areas of glass research covered are the origin of many heirloom glass objects in the mail order catalogues of Sears Roebuck, Montgomery Ward and Woolworth's dime stores, the daring imitation of cut and cased glass, the rise of the pedestal cake plate and evolution of home baking into big business, classic patterns popular for over a century, the winners and losers.
Included is the amazing history of butter, vinegar and pickle dishes, the political importance of water bottles in the Early 20th Century, 1950 hostess gifts, glass tributes to America's second century, the military wife and the revival of 1930s machine made glass from junk status, glass for outer space and the microwave oven.



Author and journalist Faith Corrigan is cognizant of the fact that she is not writing best sellers. Her trilogy of books: Glass of Patriotism and Progress, Glass of Faith and Beauty and the soon to be released Glass of Fashion and Style ‘are not being written for today but 2050’ she says. Corrigan’s books are not price guides. And although much of the glassware she writes about dates back 60 to 100 years Corrigan believes the glass tells the story of our nation. And that’s the intent of her writing, a part of American social history that is woefully overlooked……
‘I want to introduce this glass to a new generation. We now have a generation growing up in a country where we no long make anything. A lot of people do not realize how important these things are.’
Advertising was a new profession in the late 19th century but the United States Glass Co. found it to be a lucrative source of sales for its States Series issues. During those earlier times pickle dishes, serving bowls and dinner plates were favored premiums accompanying sales for furniture and department stores. The new concept of ‘installment buying’ was advocated by such sales appeals as ‘A Little at a Time’ on a pickle dish. ‘You furnish the Girl and We furnish the House’ was another encouraging message sent on glassware. The premiums often became treasured heirlooms for new families of the early 20th Century. Now that series of glass—comprised of 35 states—is difficult to find and its history nearly forgotten by subsequent generations
 She writes and speaks of the days when glass houses were found  up and down the rivers through Pittsburgh and into West Virginia.Corrigan’s books recall the evolution of Depression glass, the Early American Pattern glass with religious symbol and patriotic themes (‘terribly neglected’) or the time honored traditional prayers decorating children’s plates of the Baby Boom era (‘nearly forgotten’) the gas station giveaways, the death of white milk glass in the early 1960s right up to Corning Ware of the 1970s, even ashtrays’ (‘You had to have an ashtray in the 1950s. Everyone smoked and we were told it kept our weight down).  
Corrigan became interested in glassware while working for the New York Times in the 1950s what was then called The Women’s Pages. Later she was a reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer covering many civil right issues and putting together an investigative series that impacted the new Medicare law in the 1960s.  After Corrigan retired as a college teacher of English at 83 she looked for something to pass on to others, her knowledge of glass and the glass industry.


A copy of Book One GLASS OF FAITH AND BEAUTY will be added free to any new order of Book Two GLASS OF FASHION AND STYLE

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by Faith Corrigan


From the White House to concert halls, the farm to shop counters, as immigrant maids or great ladies, American women established consumer tastes according to their life styles.

Part 2


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Glass of Faith and Beauty

by Faith Corrigan


A Spiritual Guide to Great American Antique Glass
A New Approach to Patttern Glass, its Design and Social Background.

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